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60 min Cooperate Yoga – Gentle Stretch/Flow for all levels

Do you sit in front of the computer for long hours? Do you have a stiff neck, shoulders and back? Do you feel stressed and exhausted from meeting to meeting? Are you too busy to go to a yoga class or hit the gym?

Let us help. Through structured and clear instructions, we will focus on neck and shoulder stretching, back stretching, chest opening and brief meditations. This will help you relax your body, calm your mind, and recharge your energy. You will be able to improve your concentration and enhance your work performance. Overall, it will help increase productivity and morale in the workplace.

All levels are welcome. We will modify the poses to ensure the practice is safe and fun.

To save your time on commute, we will come to your office and give you our best support. Please contact us at thematyoga@hotmail.com

© 2017 THE MAT YOGA   All rights reserved